TSACA Rapid Fire Mini Conference

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Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) represents the acknowledgement of the highly specific occupational requirements of military, policing, fire fighting and protective services personnel. Unlike the athletic population, failure to perform does not equate to a lost medal, but rather a potential loss of life. Where the focus of the athlete is performance, the focus of the tactical operator is survival. Where athletes may have optimised nutritional and post-exercise recovery plans, these specialised personnel may often miss meals and be required to move from one incident to the next with no opportunity for recovery and often limited sleep. These examples are not to suggest superiority of one population group over the other, but to acknowledge the contextual differences between the two groups.
From generalised training and sustaining the kinetic and cyber warrior to specific conditioning for tactical load carriage, the TSAC Australia rapid fire conference will provide snapshot insights into the physical conditioning requirements of this specialised population group. The sessions presented will be of value to any profession required to provide conditioning and rehabilitation services to these highly specialised personnel and showcase the direction of the upcoming TSAC Australia L1 Courses.
Evidence based, operationally tested, practically proven.


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